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About Xiaomin



Hi~~Hello~ I’m Winni Xiao Min^^, welcome to my personal work website~ Thank you very much for your love~~

Thank you for your trust and love

Usually, my job is to pick up bridal makeup and hair on holidays, but on weekdays I will take some commercial advertising makeup and hair styling, or general makeup and hair styling services.

In addition, my studio has always opened personal makeup teaching one-on-one registration, regardless of age, regardless of gender, so it is also very

Welcome to write to us to ask for a detailed course registration form

You can also refer to the course content and class picture information on my personal makeup teaching page! !

Although the work can replace many words and languages, I still have to provide some of my qualifications and experience for other manufacturers to understand ^^

Personal qualifications

  • Golden Melody Award 25 as the exclusive overall stylist for guitarist [Chen Yanhong]

  • Artist [Emmie Ries] Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau promotional video shooting overall stylist

  • Footpure shoe powder shooting commodities artist Wei Ru Advertisement [as the overall shape of the division]

  • Exclusive stylist for Zhiguan Technology's music production

  • 2016 Dali Boutique VIP Day (Fabio Exclusive Makeup Artist)

  • 2016 (I'm Xiaogui Yang Chengjun) Product shooting stylist

  • Stylist of the 2013 HansVision Annual Cross-Border Fashion Show, Aquascutum Boutique Fashion Show

  • [Makeup International Job Photo]

  • British teacher makeup job photo

  • 9 years of makeup and hair styling qualifications so far in 2020

Stylist: Winni Xiaomin

        Contact number TEL         

0913-698 882


LineID:   winni719

WeChat: winni71924

Instagrams: winni0719

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