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Xiaoqian-Engagement|Xiaomin specially made a unique and elegant bow

Xiaoqian is my bridesmaid who served the bride a few years ago. She is a very generous and very good friend. Now she is married! ! I am so happy!

She also hand-made this bow-knot headdress, which she likes, for him, which matches his style and dress very well!


I hope their young couple will always be sweet and affectionate!

Happy and happy ^0^Min

Yingying-Single model outside shot
Yingying-Single outdoor shot
Pei Rong-getting married (choose 2 sets of looks and 3 dresses)
Pei Rong-Single Wedding Ceremony 1 Style
Shu Ling-Wedding|Choose 2 sets of looks and 3 dresses

The good Maji we have known since the middle of the country! !

More than ten years later, I will help you serve life-long events, and I feel so deeply.

I feel that you are very happy, and I wish you happiness forever, happy every day ^0^

Jing Hagi-Engagement
Wei Yi|Rong En-Marriage
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