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jasmine-getting married
Pei Xuan-Early Makeup and Marry (Baotou with a simple and elegant temperament)
The most dynamic dance teacher "Wei Wen"-Guining 2 style

​ For the first time I met such an energetic and understanding bride, and seeing her interacting with her husband, I felt that the two of them were super happy, super perfect match, and I also deeply wish them happiness forever.

Remember when doing styling, because both sets of dresses will dance on stage,

So while I was doing styling, the bride was choreographing and twisting my body. It was a test of my skills~, hahaha, fortunately, I was very unaffected, and I still helped Weiwen make a great look that suits her. 0 .Oye! !

_Min pen _

Sweet Xiaoqing-Guining | Engagement 2 Look
Ling Yu-getting married
Amber-getting married

I helped Amber match the bright red guest dress, fresh yellow and red roses, generous and unique!

Xinyi-2 sets of looks for wedding
Yuan Yu-Engagement
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